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Why I Love You
Why I Love you

Brittney I Will Always Love you. No matter the condition our love shall remain true.For as long as I have your heart, u have mine.For our love is unconditional.Now Take my key that u shall recieve and cherish it as gold.For its the key to my heart.


Brittney My Love Explained.

I don't think heaven is high enough, I'm feeling too low in my mind. Only you can provide me the strength I need, I'll take it and fly so high. Deciding the words I use for you Is like taking two roads down one path. You're one of a kind, like a lifelong trip Into my soul, loving the ride.


My Angel

Brittney, the angel from above The angel God sent me The angel I love The angel in disguise as a beautiful girl She's the meaning of my life To me she means the world I love her with all my heart And to her I'd never lie I hope that we never part I'll love till stars fall from the sky Without her I cannot go on There would be no reason to my life My love will always be strong And I won't put her through pain and strife All of what I'm saying All of it is true Basically what I'm saying is that ~I LOVE YOU~